There are 2 types of Memberships in the MiRC: Corporate and Service Provider

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP in the MiRC shall be open to employees of organizations who are regularly engaged in the relocation of their employees and interested in furthering the study and solution of the problems encountered by relocated employees and their employers.  There is no cost for Corporate Membership, however we ask that you complete the Membership Application and create a profile.

SERVICE PROVIDER MEMBERSHIP will be open to employees of organizations whose business activity is in relocation/mobility.  Examples are below.  The cost for each Service Provider Member is $125.  

  1. Organizations who consult with employers on relocation policy development and/or administer programs

  2. Real estate brokerage, with an established relocation department (Relocation Director, Relocation Coordinator, etc.)

  3. Residential real estate appraising

  4. Residential mortgage lending

  5. Title insurance

  6. Shipment and storage of household goods

  7. Residential property management

  8. Home building, with an established relocation department

  9. Spousal/Significant assistance in relocating

  10. Law firms involved in real estate or relocation

  11. Organizations providing any type of relocation service, directly or indirectly.

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