The MiRC continues to provide community support for many charitable and worthy causes. At each meeting or MiRC sponsored event, the MiRC selects a charity and pledges funds to the selected organization. In addition, we encourage our members and guests to bring needed items or contribute privately. We truly feel that we are all better served when we can reach out and assist those that need it most in troubled times.

In addition, the MiRC has focused on helping children during the holiday season. At our annual holiday party in early December, our members and guests have given generously and provided unwrapped gifts and/or gift cards. For the last 15 years, the MiRC has proudly hosted an annual holiday party for children who may otherwise not have the opportunity to celebrate. Previous holiday parties have provided white sweat shirts and coloring tools so the children could creatively design their own message; pizza, salad, drinks, cookies and cake; a surprise visitor from the North Pole; entertainment from a Magician; a basketball clinic run by a former Detroit Piston (VERY POPULAR!),  and concluding each party, every child receives a stocking filled with goodies.

The MiRC is proud to give back to the many charities listed and will continue to provide support in our community for many years to come.


All member input is important. We encourage charitable recommendations and welcome members to serve on the Charities Committee.

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